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After his daughters accidentally bleach his hair, before another stressful family dinner, Meir decides to


escape. The middle aged, suburban history teacher unexpectedly finds what he needed when a chance


encounter with his former students plunges him into a night of pure rebellious energy.


Our Way Back (2018) 26 min
Password: ourwayback

Uri, a 50 year old family man, has a romantic secret relationship with Oded, a young man from their small town in the south of Israel.

During a trip in the desert, the two are forced to deal with the tragic consequences of their type of relationship.

Student projects


Clara'​s Youth (2011) 20 min

Rufus (2009) 75 min

The Cities of My Youth (2012) 11 min

a story about a three young "no-ones" who are determined to get into any social circle where they will be accepted as 'beautiful' people.

The ageless man walks in the apocalyptic streets of Tel Aviv. In the eyes of two restless teenagers he finds his lost youth. They will tease him, they will seduce him, they will surrender.

Clara believes that her son Avner, a talented plastic surgeon, could restore her lost youth. The Delicate and complex relationship between the two is intensified when the new treatment causes strange side effects to Clara’s body.

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